The Impression of Check-IT

March 2, an ordinary day, but quite a big day for me, because it was CHECK-IT’s first meeting. Ten Dutchman whom I will go to work together with for three months became my new friends. They were young, handsome and most importantly, they were all very friendly. To me, Joost was the first man to shake my hands, Patrick was the second.

At first I was worried about my English, because I rarely communicate with foreigners. Fortunately, some of them have been in Xiamen for half a year, and some of them can speak a little Chinese. So I started to chat with Patrick who can speak Chinese. It was funny, sometimes we talked in English, sometimes in Chinese.

More interestingly, when I talked with Guoqiang, he said in English and I said in Chinese. We had terrific conversations. In my impression, foreigners, especially Westerners, generally are very open, but some of these guys left me with the impression of a little shy, such as Kevin, Jeroen and Jasper. However, when it comes to the field of their major, they will become talkative.

We have a good understanding between each other in the last two weeks. Now we start our project. I firmly believe that we will deepen our feelings by communicating with each other in these projects. I hope that we can spend a good time in the next three months.

—by 张来考Eric

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