Sinterklaas visited Check-IT

Last week we celebrated a Dutch culture event called Sinterklaas. Sint & Piet came all the way from Spain to visit Check-IT in Xiamen and spoil the Chinese students and their Dutch friends!

— video kudos to Erik Cheung —

Setting our shoes

Before sinterklaas we put our shoes in the meeting room and sang songs of sinterklaas together. We all expected surprises which would appear in our shoes. After one night there was sweet candy in our shoes. We shared and ate candy. For Chinese students this kind of candy is a novelty. The sweets which sinterklaas gave us were so wonderful.

About Sinterklaas

In the afternoon we all were working hard at check-it when suddenly Sinterklaas and Piet broke into the workspace. Everyone was attracted in a second. Sinterklaas said hello to us in his deep voice and piet started to throw candy towards every person. We reached out our hands to receive candy which was brown and tasted so sweet. We cheered around Sinterklaas, taking photos and touching his beard.


Zhou Ziyi (Xena): There were many things in the surprise I made. A Chinese style stamp which had Sander’s English name and Chinese name on it. A funny toy chicken that can lay a funny egg. Furthermore, I put in some packets of tea from my hometown.

I received a Pink Panther from Jorrit. It had a big head with sleepy face and slim body. I really like it!

Lin Meijuan (Jane): It is very lucky that Samuel and me are in the same group. So the other project members could help me to ask some questions. Finally, I chose a very cute panda cap to Samuel. It is warm and very lovely. I like it.

Before Sinterklaas day, Elvin came to our group and ask us which gift Chinese girls would like. It was so obvious that we all guessed that he was preparing his present for me. And this turned out to be the truth.

Zhang Yan (Jessie): Heard that the winter in Holland is long and very cold, I think maybe cotton socks and cotton slippers can warm my Dutch friend. The name chain that made of copper means I will never forget him. I received a pair of cotton gloves. When you want to warm people, you will also get a warm.

Zhang Tian (Candy): I prepared three gifts for Jorrit as a surprise, including a woollen cap, a scarf and a funny toy chicken. The scarf and woollen cap is useful for keeping warm. And the toy chicken which can lay an egg is just for fun.

I also received many presents from Marco. There is a big candy just as my name. The ear-cap is very warm and lovely. And the cup and notebook is very useful. I love my presents very much.

Thank you Sinterklaas!!! Have a safe trip home!!

CHECK-IT 17 : Zhou Ziyi (Xena), Lin Meijuan (Jane), Zhang Yan (Jessie), Zhang Tian (Candy)