Scrum master

This project we started working with Scrum. A tool, when initiated most students were not favorable of. Now we almost arrive at the midterm presentations. I look around, to my left. People are discussing behind a computer, on what design they prefer more. I look further, now more to my right. I notice 3 students with headphones on, completely in their zone, programming. One classmate walks up to them, and the guy with the big headphones shows him proud what’s on his computer. I can’t see the screen from here, but I know they are very busy making the screen-flows work for the new app of Daring Duck.

But it wasn’t always like that for this team. You see, last Friday was D-Day. And for an unceasing 3 full days, what a fight they put up. “Hey!.. I cannot Find William, Can you help me?” Oh, wait a second.. Guogiang walks up to my desk as he takes a seat next to me. “Where have you seen him last?” I ask him. “No, in JIRA ofcourse! Hahaha”. “Allright, Let’s have a look, shall we?”

JIRA is our software we use to manage our Scrumboards, Tasks, and Time estimations, which are all necessary key points to successfully Scrum. There are several ad- and disadvantages to saving your progress digital. A pro for example is a better overview on what-to-do next. It takes time however figuring out on your own how JIRA works, time most people rather spend on something they rightfully enjoy working on. I help Guogiang after which he goes back to designing a new interface for their client. I think back on my work. I am happy with my role as a ‘Scrum master’. By helping the teams when they feel they can use it, everyone is producing amazing work towards their clients. Meanwhile I contentedly work on making the Scrum environment even better, more accessible, easy and fun to use.

The midterms are slowly filling the atmosphere here at CHECK-IT. But no one is stressed about it. I look around again, wondering why. The thing I see around me most today is a real genuine teambuilding that has taken place this last period. Something you cannot achieve by throwing a ball around and call someone’s name out. No, this time it has a stronger feeling. A motivation and dedication to build something together. Completely achieved by the students themselves. Together working on a project. Together working with their client. And together deciding what is cool to build. And now? Finishing that awesome application. Oh, and the Daring Duck Team? I Just heard they have won the War