Saint Nicholas in China

On Thursday the 10th of December the Dutch students organized a typical Dutch cultural event, Saint Nicholas! This event started in the afternoon when all the students gathered in the office of our resident teacher. The Dutch students started to sing while Saint Nicholas and Black Pete came walking in. Of course Black Pete was throwing with Dutch cookies called pepernoten and shared these with everyone.

Once everybody stopped singing, Saint Nicholas sat down in his chair while Black Pete was holding his cane. He opened his red book and asked three Chinese students about their behavior. Everybody had a great time while this happened.

When the story time was the Dutch students started to sing again so that Saint Nicholas and Black Pete could leave the room. This happened with a lot of noise because all the Chinese students were also clapping and cheering! I think everybody had a great time!

After this we were busy sharing gifts and poems with each other. The whole Check-IT group was split in five smaller groups. One of the students in the group would then pick a present and give it to the student it was meant for. That student would then read the attached poem and unwrap their presents afterwards. When all the groups were finished, the day was already over!

I think this day was received well by both Dutch and Chinese students. The Chinese students have never seen a ‘real’ Saint Nicholas and Black Pete before and they seemed very satisfied with this cultural event. The Dutch students also seemed to have a lot of fun that day. For me it was better than I expected! Let’s hope the next cultural day will be just as fun!