source“I had the pleasure of working with the Check-IT intern team in Xiamen for a Fall 2012 project and was very impressed with the leadership of the organization and the quality of students that were assigned to our project. The skills of the team were evident from the beginning and resulted in a substantial achievement and benefit to our company while at the same time the students also benefited by have a real work scenario to tackle and solve. Such a cross-cultural exchange between academia and business has a mutual and long lasting benefit to all parities when it is executed as professionally as it is by Check-IT.  I am looking forward to our further collaboration and projects together.”

James Ullum, CEO, Source International

ctcAs an international internship program, CHECK-IT is a cooperation where both Chinese and Holland students learn proper software development for real world projects. Compared with study oversea, Chinese students get access to receive instructions from European lecturers at a reasonable cost. And Chinese students can also gain an international working and learning environment in china. At the meantime, Dutch students have the opportunity to get close to Chinese culture and gain an oversea internship experience with professionals from different countries.
Although CHECK-IT is young, it represents a most innovative international cooperation model. CHECK-IT focused internship oriented international cooperation heading towards the successful project driven learning. Three years’ experience in CHECK-IT, the collision from different culture and talent brought me the inspiration of learning methods, thinking modes and communication ways. As a former member of CHECK-IT, I still feel very proud and warm of the name. I am and will keep seeking the opportunity to make any further contribution to it.

Chen Mingxin, Carbon Exchange Manager CTC (China Building Material Test & certification Group)

Working with students from the CheckIT program in Xiamen gave us good inside in the skills of talented IT students that are eager to learn and improve themselves. We setup ICT projects and had a mix of Dutch and Chinese students work towards a solution or an end product. They learned about the essence of IT or webbased solutions for an omnichannel retailer like Vitaminstore, and we got insight in the latest technologies and management tools like Scrum. Due to the mutual satisfaction over our cooperation with CheckIT, we decided to commit ourselves for a long term relation with the CheckIT program and make the student projects part of our research and development planning within our Vitaminstore ICT and online marketing team. If you are looking for a dedicated group of talented students to work on a particular IT problem or project in your organisation then CheckIT could offer you a great solution with only a small investment in time.logo

Alain Vermeulen, Managing Director Vitaminstore

mauriceI had a long kept wish to study or work abroad and CHECK-IT enabled me to do just that. Originally China was not at the top of my list but after hearing from CHECK-IT I decided to read some of the students blogs and got curious and decided to take the jump. All in all it gave me the opportunity to get to experience multicultural and multidisciplinary project teams, work on real-life IT projects for both Dutch and Chinese companies and let me discover a totally new culture. An internship at CHECK-IT is definitely no ordinary internship and at times can be challenging but if you are prepared to give it your best it will be an unforgettable work and life experience.

Maurice de Haan, student van group 3 en 7