New group, New start!

People say that when you are facing new things, you will always gain something. So here I am, in the new CHECK-IT group 16. Though the last CHECK-IT group brought me a lot of laughter, joy, knowledge and friendship, I know there will be a new experience waiting for me.

At the opening ceremony all the new members introduced themselves with a well-prepared PPT and their enthusiasm. But I also saw some familiar faces, like Archer, Lychee, Jelen and Weltion. They, I believe, all enjoyed the last CHECK-IT memorable moments and want to explore more and make more friends in the new group. And the Dutch students are also very excited about their new “trip” in China. Also, I found that most of them are designers, not like the Dutch students from the last CHECK- IT group——the majority were programmers. But, they truly have some similarities: They both are friendly and talented.

After the opening ceremony, we listened to a few lectures about the projects from which we were going to choose, given by companies and teachers in the first week. The projects are of different characteristics, and all the students chose their top 3 liked ones.During these days, what impressed me most was the lecture the Dutch students made, which introduced their major——experience design and content design. As students who specialize in Digital Media Technology, we found that we have a lot of skills in common with them, but what they learnt is more concentrated on one field, and we gained more design and computing knowledge of a wider range.

Then, when each person chose and confirmed the project, the studying and working chapter began. And I started to do a new project named Convict VR with three awesome team members——Daniel, Ruben and Winman. It’s a mix-culture and mix-major team, and I am really looking forward to what kind of sparks and achievements we could make.

After that, all the CHECK-IT members went on a campus tour to explore the main campus. We saw the beautiful Furong Lake with elegant black swans, we walked through the Furong Tunnel, discovering lots of amazing drawings on the wall, and we enjoyed delicious food in the Furong canteen. Everyone was very grateful that we could live and study in such a wonderful and comfortable environment.

In the following days, we gradually started to get acquainted. And I noticed that each buddy has a unique and funny interest. For instance, Daniel likes reading books, which makes him form a good habit of getting up early almost every day, Vincent is really into photography, shooting a lot of fabulous videos and photos for us and Ruben likes clothing, especially sneakers and caps!

This is the brand new experience of me in CHECK-IT group 16, and I hope to present more fresh stuff to you in the coming weeks! High-five!

Sun Zanqi, Interaction design student Xiamen university.