Meeting the projects! @ Check-IT – by Hamoen

Thursday March 3th, the second day of the first week at CHECK-IT. We arrived at 9 o’clock in the morning at our office. The first thing we, the Dutch students, had on our plan was a conference about the items we were going to discuss with our fellow Chinese students and also discuss what we thought of working alongside the Chinese. After a talk, which took about an hour, we had a presentation about the Daring Duck project. The project owner named Paul showed us what his two projects meant and required to succeed his wishes. Personally, as a designer, I wasn’t attracted to the projects because the main theme of the website was already built and didn’t need a fulltime designer as myself to work on it. The company he owns is a sailing club that provides events for every age, and he is aiming to expand his club all over China. The second presentation was by Tommy. He has a dream to start a website or system that helps distributors have a good overview of their expenses and trades. An interesting topic because as he stated there are about 20 to 30 million distributors in China… So a huge market.

After the second presentation we had a lunch break in one of the huge cafeterias.

The third and final presentation was done by Sanno Bottema. A fashion designer with a company that designs pretty expensive high-end clothing and also owns a hotel. The previous CHECK-IT group built one part of his website which consists of a web shop so he can sell his clothes. However he wants to present the other part of his company which is a room booking system. So basically he owns a clothing line/shop and a hotel. The web shop for his clothing line is pretty much done, besides fine-tuning. But the hotel booking system still has to be made. I think this is a very interesting topic because the way the system has to be built has to make clients book as much as possible. The way this has to be done requires a lot of research and building to complete. It’s an interesting project and hopefully I’ll be seeing more of this.

After the final presentation of the day, the Dutch students decided to have another conference to plan a few things. Stuff like who will be the scrum leader and how we are going to explain and show the Chinese students to work with scrum for an optimal Dutch-Chinese cooperation. We also came up with an icebreaker-game to play on Wednesday with the Chinese students to get more familiar with each other. We voted Patrick to be scrum-leader because we think he is a very social and open person that loves to talk with everyone and has experience with the Chinese culture and also knows a little bit of Mandarin. About scrum we decided it would be best to make a short presentation and play scrum poker with the Chinese students to imitate how scrum would work in real projects. Another interesting thing we needed to talk about is how we were going to get more familiar with the Chinese students. I had already taken the task to think of a game, and it would be good to get more acquainted and have some fun with each other, so we discussed that for a while.

Overall the second day was an interesting day with a few good projects presented. After the working day we decided to have a little rest at home, and then eat dinner together.

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