Life is Full of Surprises

I feel really happy that l made the choice of going to work at Check-IT for this term. For me it is really an amazing journey. I met the right person l have always wanted to meet, l’ve done the work with passion and I overcame the problems i have faced and l never thought I would succeed in that. I experienced so many different things l never expected in my life. l realized that l would never have had the chance to experienced those things if l hadn’t choosen to do Check-IT.

IMG_2796To experience the most, to learn much, and eventually to make the difference in the world is in my opinion the meaning of life. From my perspective, Check-it is a place where you can find out your potential abilities and promote your self-confidence. In addition to that, it is also a good chance for you to promote your communication skills as well as team spirit. Because you need to work together with both Chinese students and Dutch students, you have the opportunity to learn a lot from each other.

We held a lot of cultural activities, and during these activities, we learned about Dutch culture and experienced their traditional festival. From all the activities, the Sinterklaas tradition impressed me most. All of us received some small gifts from someone, but without knowing who he/she was and we also received a poem. I think it is really sweet.

However, all of us faced some problems during the working process, but it is these problems that made us to become stronger. l learned to communicate more with people, and asked for help when it was necessary. l got to know that all the problems could be solved if you really want to.

The most important thing for me is that l met a group of cute people there, we worked together, we play games together and we helped each other. I think l will never forget this happy time in my life.

Life is full of surprises only when you are brave enough,

Wan Dan Li (May) – CHECK-IT 13.