Learning and Experiencing

Who is Michiel Puister? from michiel puister on Vimeo.

We, Matthijs Bijland and Michiel Puister, were busy conducting interviews on an alumni meeting of Check-IT. During an interview Guido Crolla came to take a look. He asked a few questions and immediately got good answers and connected with the guest.
The next day I went to Guido and asked him how he managed to do that. He said that I had to experience it myself, and thus he proposed to interview me and then to discuss the interview. This was instructive, but the icing on the cake was that he also asked me to do the editing on the interview. I accepted the challenge and the result is shown in the video.

The lesson of all this is that, learning is experiencing and experiencing is learning. And that’s exactly what happens when you join Check-IT and go to China.

Michiel Puister

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