In the end it’s all worth it

Amsterdam to XiamenI’m Nizar, and my story starts here. On 25 September, 2016 I departed from Amsterdam to Xiamen, China. Many of my study-mates had already arrived around September 3rd. Unfortunately, my visa got delayed. I processed my visa around 15 August and the normal processing time takes a week or two, but the processing time of my visa was more than a month due to the G20 summit in Hangzhou. Because of this, I got worried and I was at the point to pull out the plug, and stop the internship.

Just when I was in the deepest valley and thought to stop, unexpectedly I finally got good news! I could get my visa on 21 September, though the date was still quite far. In such a short period of time, I needed do to a lot; packing up my luggage, say goodbye to family and friends, and don’t forget to take all documents with me.

photo_2016-12-12_14-34-38I arrived in China! The weather was so hot! I was picked up by 3 study-mates and 2 Chinese students at the airport in Xiamen who later turned out to be my teammates for the project that I would work on. When I was in Xiamen, the first thing I noticed were a lot of electric bikes and cars. This is not the case in the Netherlands. Electric power supply is a beautiful development, which we hopefully can follow in Netherlands.


In the first couple of weeks that I was here, I needed to do a lot. I had to fix a school card, because otherwise I couldn’t come into the building and identify myself. Moreover, I needed to apply for a residence permit, because I had a X1-VISA instead of an X2-VISA. Before I was able to get this, I needed to collect a lot of documents, including a recent photo.

First thing to do was a visit to a health-care center, where I did some tests and was examined by the doctor. Once all tests are done, you can pick-up your health-care document after couple of days. With this document you need to go to the visa permit bureau. They will check all your documents. If everything is approved, you can get your passport within a short period of time with a stamp that shows your residence permit is processed. This whole procedure can take a couple of weeks.

Making the wireframe for the application

As you can see, it was a whole adventure to come to Xiamen. But in the in the end, it’s all worth it. Check-IT enables me to work with other Dutch and Chinese students on a designated project, and learn a lot about design thinking and working in a multicultural environment. Even though I was pretty uncertain what I needed to do in the beginning, there are a lot of Chinese students that will help you if you have any questions.

My project is about developing an IOT (Internet of Things) chair that is connected with an application and the internet. My job is to design the application, in close cooperation with my team and the client, from whom I learn a lot. An Internship at Check-IT is an inspiring experience that will help you further in the Netherlands. In the end it’s all worth it.