My name is Terry van der Jagt and I am part of project group 7. We are building an “Intelligent Advertising System”.

07c128cb729df7780b2f6d731c8f974The goal of our project is to make a system that can display advertisements. This system contains a camera that records the people passing by the screen. This recording will be send to a server which analyzes what kind of people (Gender, general age and facial expression) are in front of the screen. By analyzing how long different people look at a specific advertisement we can use machine learning to display advertisements specifically aimed at the public passing by the screen.

This project is done for research purposes for Professor Zhihong Zhang, who is a teacher at the Xiamen Software School. He has done a lot of research on facial recognition in the past and he has made a library for facial recognition, which he has made available for us to use. This library is based on OpenCV and C++. C++ is a well-known programming language which has a lot of capabilities and OpenCV is an open source computer vision and machine learning software library. In the program we are writing for the server, we use both.

For the system that displays the advertisements we decided to work with Java in combination with OpenCV. We believe it is easier to make a good looking interface which displays the advertisements with Java and it is not hard to change the operating system Java runs on. We use OpenCV to capture the images with a webcam.

eca751b4cfcc0e57905c33625006a77Our team consists of 5 members. Sun ZanQi, Gan SiChen and Liu YuBao are forth year students here at Xiamen Software School. Rhea Hau and I are in our third year of Computer Science at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. We all have different expertise in software engineering and I think we make a great team complementing each other very well. During the first weeks we got to know each other by working together but also by doing things together after work like going out for dinner or even getting a mundane haircut together. ZanQi and SiChen even went on a vacation to Wuhan with a group of Dutch students including Rhea and me during National-Day Holiday. I think we can learn a lot from each other here at CHECK-IT, and last but not least: we also can make very good friends with people that live on the other side of the World!

Terry van der Jagt