About us

Check-IT is a unique initiative in which Dutch institutes of higher  professional education work together with the Software School of Xiamen University in the South East of China.

Check-IT was set up in Nov. 2008 by the Software School of Xiamen University, Leiden University, and 4 Universities of Applied Sciences (Leiden, The Hague, Zuyd and HAN).

At this moment Check-IT is a consortium consisting of Software School of Xiamen University, Leiden University, The Hague University of Applied Sciences and  The University of Applied Sciences of Arnhem and Nijmegen (HAN). Different Universities of Applied Sciences participate in Check-IT. Laurea University of Applied Sciences joined the Check-IT center in Nov. 2010.

Two institutions of the partner universities (ICLON and the Institute of Education, Xiamen University) offer educational and cross-cultural advisers.

Together the Universities involved cover all imaginable areas of IT and Media-Design. All institutes train their students to work in independent teams. They teach their students to tackle problems and work on assignments, come up with their own solutions and work structurally in projects. After two years of study all students do an apprenticeship in a company or organization for four to six months or choose a minor.

Check-IT has been set up to facilitate this apprenticeship or minor at the centrally located Haiyun Campus of the Software Faculty of Xiamen University.

Talented students  from the third of fourth year of the IT and Information Departments of Universities of applied Sciences can apply for participation in the project.

During 5 months, the selected students work and live in Xiamen. They work in groups  of Chinese and Dutch students for Chinese companies. A Dutch teacher supports and guides the students in Xiamen.

To date, 14 groups of Check-IT have successfully finished their study and work in Xiamen while group 16 will start in February 2016. Over 500 Students, which include 306 Chinese students, 227 Dutch students and 8 Finnish students, have joined Check-IT. 41 Chinese, Dutch and Finnish faculties from affiliated universities have contributed to the development and support of the different groups. Check-IT has received proposals from about 40 companies to date. 25 Dutch and Chinese companies have partnered with Check-IT and developed about 50 projects. Furthermore, additional projects on behalf of Universities and Check-IT have been realized. 25 Dutch teachers and 8 staff have worked for Check-IT and also many Chinese teachers and staff members.

In addition to the projects, the cross cultural activities Check-IT offers, such as the Chinese language course, the experiences with Dutch and Chinese culture, the assignments concerning intercultural communication and the visits to special places and activities in China, are important to goal the Sino-Dutch educational IT project.