Cultural Activity

Every two weeks one of the project groups within Check-IT has to organize a cultural activity. For this cultural activity we went to the Hakka Tulou buildings, a beautiful outing organized by project group 6 containing Jade, Lele, Hamoen and Susie. The Hakka Tulou are quite far away so we had to get up early and meet at 7:30. After a three hour drive with the bus we arrived at some restaurants and ate some local food. Some dishes I really liked, some dishes not so much. After the lunch we had to switch busses, probably due to the narrow roads we had to travel. After another 30 minute drive we finally arrived at the first Hakka Tulou buildings.

After visiting the first Hakka Tulou buildings we drove to the next Hakka Tulou compound. The buildings and the environment were absolutely stunning. After visiting the Hakka Tulou buildings we visited a little village with a nice old temple. Outside of the temple there was a little shop that sold firework. One of the students bought some firework and lit it up. Firework in China is a lot cheaper than in the Netherlands so It was hard to resist not to buy all the fireworks on sale there. After having a pleasant thirty minute wait, the bus arrived near the small village and we got on the bus again. Before we went back to Xiamen we took a little detour to another village that supposedly has a nice market. Unfortunately it was raining so there was no market. But it was still nice to explore the village a little and visit a few shops before we went back to Xiamen. Around 19:30 we arrived back in Xiamen. The Dutch students said goodbye to the Chinese students and went back home.

I want to thank project group 6, David, Miss Lee and the tour operator for making this day possible.

Kevin van Dijk
Xiamen, China.