Check-IT Review

My first time hearing about Check-IT is when I attended the conference of Check-IT by the last group of Check-IT. From then on, I confirmed that I want to join in this group, because I like making friends with people, and besides that I had few foreign friends. Meanwhile, another reason rendering me to choose Check-IT was that I wanted to have more communication with foreigners to know more about international and contemporary technology and research in software.

Fortunately, I already reached some of my goals! I have many good friends, some from my project group, Winterberg group, and some from my football team, our Check-IT team. I love to have fun with my teammates of our Check-IT football team. Moreover, I have had a good look at the contemporary technology and research in software. I now know more about the CMS programmers use in foreign countries and some other technologies and software they use.


Certainly, like the coin has two sides, everything has advantages and disadvantages. Definitely we had a difficult time at first in Check-IT concerning communication, because we have a different language. My Dutch friends are skilled in Dutch and English, but we prefer Chinese, and generally our English is a little bit poor. We had difficulties too, and fierce discussions and contradictions, but we understand each other in the end. When we got over these problems we made big and obvious progress. Our English, particularly oral English, is progressing day by day, and we learn more about different parts of software in contemporary software programming.

Someone in a foreign country could have more connection and touch with you, and some time he or she can even give you a hand. So it’s always good to have a friend.

All in all, I believe choosing Check-IT is a good and even great choice for me. Best wishes with Check-IT.


Leo Lee