Check-IT review Huisman

Huisman(China) | Zhangzhou
My project at Check-it focused on the Business side of IT within Huisman(China). Together with Orrin Hoogervorst I started this internship and grabbed this opportunity with both hands.
Huisman (located in The Netherlands, Australia, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Norway, Singapore and the United States of America) is a privately owned company operating globally with extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of heavy construction equipment for world’s leading on and offshore companies. (Huisman-Equipment)

Huisman(China) is located in Zhangzhou since 2007. Huisman(China) has over 1000 employees and is there with a big company. The main products that Huisman is producing are: cranes, pipe lay, drilling, heave compensation products, special products and new concepts.

The project:
In the beginning the main reason of our project was to collect reporting requirements and do some research about data visualization and reporting standards. To collect reporting requirements we had to do some interviews with multiple employees of Huisman (China). After a few weeks the purpose of our project changed and we had to lay focus on documents such as: Report Request Record, Report Request template and the Dashboard/Index Request template. After two months the purpose of our project headed more and more towards the defining and optimizing of a Request – Release process(request of a report until the release of a report).
Huisman (China) gave us a lot of time to do the research and to create our own plan of approach. This time was very useful to expand our knowledge according to the business and IT related subjects. First of all we did some research on the following subjects:
• Data visualization and reporting standards
• Interview techniques
• Process modeling
• Different types of requirements
• SharePoint procedure

After the research we created the interview template. This template contains useful questions about the department, the business process of the department, the key performance indicators of the process, how the manager wants to see the data, who else needs to see the report etc. This template supported us during the interviews with the employees of Huisman (China). Other templates and documents we created are:
1. Report Request Record
2. Report Request Template
3. Dashboard Index Request Template
After we created the different templates we defined the Request – Release process. The purpose of the request – release process is to make future requesting much more easier. The process is defined based on multiple modeling techniques
• BPMN 2.0
• Huisman standard
We also created a SharePoint process. This online process makes it possible to request a report, reject a report, ask for a change, approve a report or request the status of report. This whole process will be used for the future reporting of Huisman(China). Earlier we created the templates, these templates are related to this process and will support the user with the request of a report.
Advisory Report
In our advisory we have given advice on multiple important sections related to the project.
• Data integrity
• Test plan
• Change Management
• Measuring in between the processes
• Data Visualization


Personally I think my internship at Huisman(China) has helped me to improve my skills in the field of Business IT & Management. Huisman (China) gave me a lot of space to do the research during the project. Huisman thinks it’s important that you learn a lot during your internship. That’s why they support you very well. Surrounded by professionals who are willing to help with everything. That’s why I can look back satisfied at my internship at Huisman(China) and eventually I gained a lot of experience!!