Bobing/Mooncake Gambling!

My name is Luna Chiang, a Chinese student presently working at CHECK-IT.  During my internship I experienced a lot of interesting things that I really want to share with you. In CHECK-IT I have improved my English speaking skills and I have gained a lot of experience in on how a scrum project works. Furthermore, there are plenty of interesting cultural activities.

Our second cultural activity was about bobing, or as many people know it, the mooncake game. A very well known tradition in this part of China! The day started off with the student coordinators introducing the people who helped set up this cultural activity. After this Arthur and Lee explained to the Dutch students some history about the mooncake game and how the game worked.

Another group playing

When the explanation was over, we started the real game! Shirley had bought many cool prizes for everyone to win if they were lucky. The class was divided into 4 groups. The dice rolling began. First it was still a bit unsure for some people how the game worked, but it was quickly explained by doing. We had only just started when we heard yelling from the other table: Somebody had already thrown 4 fours!


Group playing

The game quickly started pacing up, when everybody understood how it worked. Prizes were being distributed very fast. The fun thing about the mooncake game is that there is a very low chance that somebody will get no prize at all. It seemed like both the Dutch and Chinese students were really enjoying the game. Our volume was so loud, miss Lee even had to tell us to lower our voice, because there were other students having classes nearby.

I was also in one of the game groups. There were three Dutch students, Caroline, Danny and Tara in our group. I’m glad to see that all the Chinese students are very hospitable. They introduced the rules to foreign students so that they can also be involved and enjoy. I also gained a lot of prizes in the end and I took a photo with Caroline, who is the first one of us throwing 4 fours.

Luna and CarolineIn the end, everybody was really happy with their prizes. Some of the prizes included mugs, sleep masks, pens, mousemats and the first prizes were lamps. Being part of CHECK-IT is a great experience, lots of learning and friendship!

Luna Chiang