Big challenges, larger rewards

Welcome to Software School

Now that my internship is almost over I look back at the past months I have spent in Xiamen. I remember that I found it very challenging to work with the Chinese students and teachers. Their approach to the project (building a commercial platform for Taiwanese products) was very different from what I was used to and on top of that, language added to the confusion. It took some time for me to settle in and get things started but I’m glad I took the time to clear things up first.

Weeks passed and the product I was to deliver together with my teammates began to take f orm. Things started to go more smoothly with my teammates and teachers. One of the most remarkable differences though is the way a project takes shape in China. The Chinese seem to spend less time on planning everything out and instead simply keep adjusting the product until it suits the wishes of the owner. I’ve come to realize that these difference really don’t matter that much. Perceptions and approaches differ, but when we were finished everyone was happy with the result, which pleased me – we have overcome our challenges together.

Graduation dinner

Getting to know my colleagues, I also came to understand them better. Cultural activities really helped to bring us together and I got to learn about Chinese traditional tea culture, music and the story behind some of their holidays. In turn, I shared what I knew about Holland and Dutch tradition and they were eager to hear more. Many of them said they wish they could go to Holland to see it for themselves and to visit us.

Sometimes we would get together after school and see less touristic parts of the City with them. I think that this is truly a great way to experience China. I’ll definitely never regret choosing for this internship in China with Check-IT.


Guus Putman, CHECK-IT 14