Awesome Putian Trip

On March 30th, all the Check-IT students took a bus to Putian city for an awesome trip. Because we woke up very early and gathered at 7 a.m, we all got exhausted and fell asleep in the progress of going to Putian city. But we made a new friend who was the beautiful translator and tour guide lady.
After about a 3 hour journey, we first reached the Pingpan village, Hanjiang district in Putian which is famous for the beautiful ‘rape flowers field’. It was sunny that day, the field had been covered by the sun of spring, as if a layer of golden flow. By the time we got off the bus, we were coming back to life for seeing such a wonderful yellow sea of rape flowers. And we were divided into many groups to look around the whole spot. Some were taking photos by cameras or cellphones, some were talking with each other about the amazing sights, and others just enjoyed the scenery alone and quietly. About 40 minutes later, we were leaving the place with sadness and dismay, trying to bring the sights back for themselves family to enjoy.The next and also the last place to visit was the national forest park of Jiulong Valley. Full of grotesque mountains, waterfalls and winding rivers, Jiulong Valley is an ecological tourism scenic spot with a set of sightseeing, ecological science, expedition and fitness experience in the integration.

It was the dinner time, so we had lunch in an excellent restaurant first and then we started the long way of climbing the mountains of Jiulong Valley. We were also divided into several groups, and I was in the group of the first line which was following the handsome tour guide man. Our group walked very fast, but I did enjoy the amazing sight of the rivers, mountains and waterfalls which we went by. And there were two dangerous chain bridges. We took photos and played together there. It was very awesome. We first line kept walking fast and we reached the mountain top soon, which made me think of a famous song called High Song that is sang by HuangLing. The lyric writes: ‘mountain top, just come along; day and night, just your and my love.’ Er ,I don’t know how to translate the lyric, so you guys just look around. Later, we got down the mountain and rowed the bamboo raft. Two groups were competing each other to see which group rowed faster. Of course my team was better.

Great time always passes quickly. We had to go back to Xiamen. Therefore, we took a nice picture at the Jiulong valley gate and left there without shame.Between the journey back to Xiamen, everyone took turns to sing a song in the bus. It was a more fantastic time than the journey we came here and it made the journey faster. What impressed most is David’s “No Woman No Cry”. What a sounds of nature! David is indeed a soul singer! Do you think so too?
So it was an awesome time we CHECK-IT guys spent together, I do hope for more activities like this Putian trip. Not only promote the exchange of culture, but also to improve our relationship. Thank you for the good experience and great time together!