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We are Michiel Puister & Matthijs Bijland. We are two students from the HAN University of Applied Sciences and we both have a passion for motion pictures. We came to Check-IT to gain more professional skills and live the ‘China experience’. So far the experience here in China is really amazing and we recommend this to anyone! We are having a great time in our spare time and with our internship and project at Check-IT.The main goal of this project is to promote Check-IT. We want to attract more Chinese, Dutch and Finnish students to join Check-IT. Not only because it’s good for the company, but to give more students the opportunity to come to Check-IT and have an amazing experience that they will never forget!The main product of this project will be a promotional video for Check-IT. Besides that there will be several smaller video’s to give an impression of Check-IT and the students.The real challenge in this project is to transfer our goals from paper to video. We really want to give an accurate impression of the atmosphere and let the viewers know what Check-IT and China has to offer to foreign and Chinese students. Going to Check-IT makes you grow professionally and gives you international experience that you can’t get anywhere else. Dutch and Chinese students can learn a lot from one another. Not just learn about each others culture, but also experience the different working ethics. By doing this you will realize that there are more than one way to get things done and learn a lot.

So the challenge is to give the viewers a clear view of what Check-IT is and show them what a great opportunity Check-IT is for Chinese, Dutch and Finnish students.

Check-IT – Impression from michiel puister on Vimeo.

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