Tulou trip

A while ago our chief communicator asked me to write a blog. Being the professional procrastinator I seem to be, I delayed writing this post as much as possible. Anyway, without further ado, enjoy!

Snacks, check. Passport, check. Waking up at an ungodly hour, CHECK! For those of you passing by the Xiamen University Baixing exit in the morning of November 9th, you might remember a group of foreigners waiting like a confused horde of zombies out of a b-rate movie. These were not your regular group of foreign students. These were the Dutch Check-IT students waiting for the bus to take them to Tulou.

After waiting for a short time while discussing whether or not we were at the right location we got on the bus. The trip took a while but thanks to the efforts of DJ Samuel and his team we managed to keep ourselves entertained.

When the bus got to the mountains near earth buildings our peaceful trip suddenly became quite exciting. Our bus driver showed skill way beyond what we expected (or wanted) and passed many other vehicles on the narrow mountain roads.

After a two hour trip, we finally got to the Earth buildings. You can imagine my surprise when I heard the earth buildings are not actually made of earth… The earth buildings are beautiful cylindrical buildings made completely out of wood and even though many of these buildings are ancient they are still actively being used as houses.

The first thing we had to do when we arrived at Tu Lou was waiting. They had to check our passports and make sure we got a bus. It took a while but eventually, we managed to start our tour.

While traveling around the earthen buildings we would often go by bus. Luckily Jiang and Erik decided to try out their skills as tour guides and we got to enjoy their efforts.

After viewing the area we went to a restaurant with the group. They kept on bringing more food and we got to see just how useful the spinning table is.

We continued our trip through the fascinating Tu Lou. Most of the group took a picture standing on stones in the water and we got to experience jumping on a soft, bouncy stone floor. Jumping on the floor was fun but soon it was time to move on. We met an old woman who sells bananas. Clearly, she was really good at it because soon a quarter of the group was eating them.

We saw the earth buildings, bought souvenirs, ate bananas and had lots of fun but sadly it was time to go.

While I was walking to the bus the driver decided to show his sense of humor. He must not have liked me because he lowered his window, said bye-bye, waved and drove off. Luckily he stopped around the corner and I did get on the bus.

Honestly, I can’t tell you much about the trip back to the campus. All I can say is that I was very tired and my seat made for a surprisingly good bed.

That was it for the Tulou trip. I hope you guys enjoyed it and till next time.

Isay Konter, CHECK-IT 17 aka 龚逸洒 (Gōng Yì Sǎ)